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Nokia 6600 Fold

Posted on 13 March 2010 by mobile-phones

Nokia 6600 Fold is a wonderful mobile set from Nokia. If you want to buy a handset which offers you great performance with sensuous design then Nokia 6600 Fold is certainly an excellent option for you. This superb clamshell device is approximately 110g and though it is little heavy but you can easily carry it everywhere. If you have a passion for photography then you will be happy to know this stylish handset has a 2 mega pixel LED flash camera in the back side. You can also do video recording with the device. You can also do voice record and share it with your friends. This mobile has got an attractive feature. Whenever you tap it on the front side it lights up and slowly the electromagnet mechanism opens the fold. The device has everything that a mobile user would expect in it. With the stereo music player and FM radio you will love to spend your leisure time by listening to music. The sound quality is also very good. The device can download various mobile games. The phone can make video calls with the help of the secondary.

Nokia 6600

Nokia 6600

The mobile supports 3G networking system. It has 18MB internal memory but it can be increased to 8 GB by inserting a micro SD card into it. This is GPRS enabled and has Bluetooth connectivity. So you can safely transfer all your important data to any other mobile set or computer through it. The USB connector is also there for faster data transfer. The battery of Nokia 6600 Fold is very powerful and the battery life is almost up to 300 hours in stand by mode. You are allowed to send MMS or text messages via this handset or even browse internet. The keypad is very easy to use. It is made with a softer material which feels pleasing on the finger tips. Texting messages were never so easy with a basic mobile phone. The display of the mobile set is called QVGA screen which is 2 inches wide with bright visuals. There are various wallpapers and themes available in the mobile set. You can set them according to your preferences.
The phone displays every missed calls, incoming calls or waiting messages on the screen. Though the features are of a basic handset but it feels great whenever you hold it in your hands. The luxurious and attractive look has made this an outstanding piece of art.


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