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Nokia E71

Posted on 13 March 2010 by mobile-phones

Nokia E71 is a wonderful smart phone which comes with WLAN Wi-Fi Technology. This 3G enabled device provides fastest connectivity with various advanced features. Texting messages through this handset have become quite easy with QWERTY keyboard and smooth navigation. It is available in two colors, white and grey. The handset is slightly heavy because of the solid and durable design and it weighs nearly 127grams. The TFT display screen is 2.36 inches wide which provides the users 16M colors. So you can easily guess the clarity and image quality will never be very disappointing.

Nokia e71

Nokia e71

The device can store unlimited number of contacts and phone numbers in the phone book. The internal memory offers 110 MB storage spaces with 128 MB RAM. This will give you a big opportunity to download a vast number of your favorite soundtracks from internet. This mobile allows browsing internet and chat with friends. You can also send them text messages via SMS or email. You will be glad to know that you can experience live chat with your friends through video calling facility. With Nokia E71 you will never feel disconnected with your contacts.
When you are sitting idle, you can enjoy the device just like a portable radio and listen to unlimited number of songs. Some people love to play games on mobile; you can also download Java games in the mobile and enjoy a lot playing them.
If you feel insecure whilst walking down the unknown road then take advantage of the in-built A GPS navigation system and go through proper direction.
The mobile gives the user full access to internet with high speed connectivity just like the home or office PC while he is traveling. This smart phone is an obvious preference for every smart buyer.
You can take pictures of a beautiful place or any important moment in your life. The 3.15 MP camera with 2048×1536 pixels resolution will provide you incredibly high quality photographs with a single click. If the picture has been taken in low light atmosphere then the LED flash will make it brighter without making it dull. The mobile set also functions as a video recording device.
The powerful standard battery of 3G Nokia E71 handset allows constant 4 hours 30 minutes talk time. So if you are not carrying your charger, you can still stay in touch with your friends for the whole day without being disconnected.


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Posted on 27 February 2010 by mobile-phones

Nokia is well-known for launching hi tech mobiles in the cell phone industry and Nokia E63 is just the continuation of that successful tradition.
When it comes to purchasing a good quality mobile phone with smart technical features then Nokia E63 is one of the best options available today. You won’t be disappointed if you buy this cost effective powerful device. The display of this colorful handset has a 2.4-inch wide screen which makes the messages quite readable. The sound quality is great and it is just about the perfect device for you to listen to the text messages and MMS like ‘never before’ quality. The torch light function of this smart phone has become quite popular among the users.

Nokia e63

The cell phone is very lightweight and sleek in pattern with a broad screen which looks very similar to the Blackberry set.
The QWERTY keyboard on the front side makes this very much user-friendly. The Nokia E 63 has a unique feature called Active Standby which enables the user to monitor all the daily activities. The speech bubbles give the new MMS and SMS alerts for the user’s convenience.
Just like other Nokia E series handset this model is also more focused on performance than just being a tool of entertainment. It is perfect for business use and has got the fastest internet connectivity. The Wi-Fi and 3G technology facilitates web browsing, email sending and instant messaging in a most cost effective way. The sophisticated design of this model makes it the most coveted device to the Tech savvies as well as the professionals. With the Nokia E63 you can upload your digital photos from the PC with the help of Multimedia Transfer Protocol support.  Another useful attribute that the set offers is the conference calling facility. You can conduct a meeting over the phone with other business clients and start conferencing without moving from one place to another. The businessmen are largely benefitted due to VoIP services of the set. So in this way they can save their valuable money which they had to spend on long distance calls earlier.
But if you are a music lover then don’t be too disappointed. It has taken care of every necessary application that the mobile users always look for. You can listen to the music with FM radio with MP3 player. On the back side of Nokia E63 there is a 2.0 Mega Pixel camera with auto-focus system and flash for better quality photos under bright sunlight.


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