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Nokia 2730

Posted on 27 February 2010 by mobile-phones

Nokia 2730

With the release of the Nokia 2730, the Nokia Company has been found to once again come up with a phone that has a lot of style and is also durable. Its features can be considered to be polished due to the fact that it has several new features like Bluetooth. One great thing about this phone is that it has 3G capabilities. This means that it is capable of using both second and third generation networks very efficiently. Apart from this, you can just listen to music due to the fact that it has an FM radio on it. Also if you are an ardent fan of music, you can enjoy music through its music player. Another great feature of the phone will be found to be the memory slots that it has which can be capable of handling different memory card sizes. You can be able to transfer data and information form the phone to another phone or computer in a faster way since it is 3G enabled. It is also GPRS and EDGE enabled allowing for quick browsing over the internet. If you are a fan of music, you can be able to save all you favorite songs. This is attributed to the fact that the phone has about thirty six gigabytes of internal memory. You can also store you favorite music videos and also some movies. The Nokia 2730 comes with a great camera that has five mega pixels. The camera will have an LED flash together with auto focus. The display of the phone is 240 by 320 pixels which makes it very impressive. It also has more than 16 million pixels which result in a resolution that is very high. Properties of the phone are so good that it can be considered to be a portable mobile office come entertainment center.


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