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Posted on 27 February 2010 by mobile-phones

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No-one can fail to notice the impact that the telecommunications market has had on the world in recent years. With radio links available on mobile phones and the possibility of live video feed when doing the likes of a Skype call, it’s all too easy to conclude, as I have, that people are spoilt for choice in this area, and have never found it easier to impress their peers with such a purchase – and we of course have the developed Internet services of today to thank for allowing people to do this from the comfort of their own home.

Just one of many popular modern communications devices is that of the Blackberry 8520. Existing adverts of it state quite clearly that is targeted at the consumer market rather than business professionals. It is a follow-up of the Blackberry Storm – and that featured a touchscreen, a modern kind of multimedia player, and a 3.2 megapixel camera. And the 8520 Curve is not just especially for consumers, it’s cheaper than the Storm.

Blackberry 8520

The Blackberry 8520 differs from the Storm in that it does not use a touchscreen system; but a touch sensitive navigation button, which is located in the centre below the screen. There is no Pearl, something which is a common aspect of Blackberry products. But you can use the optical trackpad to scroll through menus smoothly and with ease; you select items by pressing down on the trackpad. It’s actually more responsive than the Pearl.

If the Blackberry 8520 tries to boast anything, it’s its “super-sleek finish”. The usual Blackberry key remains available – you use it to pull up a content-specific menu (it depends on the application that you are using); but take note of the back key on the right hand side as well. The call answer and end buttons are located on the outer edges – the super-sleek finished comes from these keys being recessed. There is a drawback, however: the outer casing attracts more fingerprints than for any other Blackberry device.

But the keyboard is a pleasure to use. Although small, they are slightly tilted, and raised; it is easy for your fingers to find them.

The Blackberry 8520 is notably light: just 106g; making it the lightest Blackberry model yet. Being slim and perfectly formed, it fits into hands and pockets with great ease.

The Blackberry comes with many exciting software options: such as WiFi (with 3G capabilities) and EDGE, the Multimedia option, and a comprehensive IM folder. And you can view all on a screen that is just 2.6 inches squared in size!

Overview of the Blackberry 8520:


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Posted on 27 February 2010 by mobile-phones

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Among the different versions of Blackberry, undoubtedly Blackberry 9700 is one of the best options for the tech savvy mobile users. It is a more improved version than the previous Blackberry set with 3G feature and 256MB flash memory. It has got multimedia player. The high resolution screen of the mobile gives the users a sharp and clear display with more than 65,000 colors. The Blackberry 9700 uses full QWERTY keyboard, which is very convenient to operate. If you have a hobby for photography then the 3.2 megapixels camera will fulfill your dream as a budding photographer. You can zoom in the images up to 2X and see the pictures through the slide show. Some people prefer to save the pictures as wallpaper. It also allows video recording. You can capture those important moments of your life in this gadget which you want to memorize forever. This sleeker mobile set is extremely light in weight and hence you can easily carry it in your pocket.
Today’s generation has become quite internet buff and they always look for only those devices that give them fastest connectivity with internet access. Blackberry 9700 meets these criteria and hence you can always stay in touch with your friends through twitter or facebook or other social networking site.

BlackBerry 9700

The mobile handset is every businessman’s delight as you can send messages through Windows Live, AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger also. It not only look very masculine but can also perform great. You can browse the web and navigate around the page quite effortlessly. The calendar, organizer and emailing facilities are just perfect to consider it as a must for everyday use. The set included a new element called Today screen layout. It shows the users the arrival of new messages or missed calls alerts, and forthcoming events.
Like the other blackberry sets this model is also Wi-Fi enabled for data transfer. This stylish and useful mobile set will make you stand out in the crowd. The handset can easily be a symbol of status and so there is high chance of getting it stolen. But the in built mapping system and GPS apps help you to track down the device quite easily.
Another significant change which is clearly visible in this set is the use of the optical track pad instead of trackball. The sound quality is very good in Blackberry 9700. So you can spend lots of your free time listening to your favorite songs.


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