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Posted on 27 February 2010 by mobile-phones

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If I am told to buy a brand new set of mobile phone, then my obvious choice will be Apple iPhone 3GS. This wonderful device not only offers the fastest connectivity but also endows it with multiple hi tech functionality useful for any professional. This handset has 3.5-inch widescreen with Multi-Touch display properties. A soft touch of oleophobic coating makes the set very easy to clean and remove the dirty finger prints.

Apple iPhone 3GS

The Apple iPhone 3GS has unlimited third party applications which are suitable for business use. You can keep your important data stored in the iPhone. You can send emails in HTML. You can open your email attachment with Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, JPEG, PDF, and iWork as the iPhone supports all these software. With the calendar application you can organize your meeting schedules. If you are travelling the wonderful gadget allows you to access your corporate intranets through it. You can read everything quite clearly just like your desktop computer. This tool opens any webpage with fastest speed.
Apple iPhone has a powerful battery back up which remains active up to 300 hours in stand by mode. If you want to transfer data or images to your home PC, then this can be done quite effortlessly with USB 2.0 port.
This phone has a unique feature called Visual Voicemail. The application helps you to choose which message you want to listen first. Mobile conferencing was never so convenient before the launch of Apple iPhone 3GS. Apple has taken care of every small and big requirement of their users. If you are interested in stock market news or knowing the weather report, have a quick look at them through this iPhone 3GS.
When you have some leisure time the Apple iPhone 3GS becomes your perfect companion. You can browse for downloading various innovative applications in App Store. You can turn your mobile into an 88 key piano and compose tunes, which any music lover would certainly cherish a lot. You can also record your own voice with the help of Voice memo and share it through various social networking sites like twitter or facebook. It is like a portable music studio of your own with other different applications. You can take beautiful and lively pictures with the 3 mega pixel camera. The pictures look awesome on 480×320-pixel resolution screen. Once you buy this superb iPhone device it would be an integrated part of your personal and professional life.


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Posted on 27 February 2010 by mobile-phones

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Most people teenagers have a strong passion for Apple iPhone products especially when it comes to Apple’s new brand Apple iPhone 3G. Many people consider this as the smartest and fastest phone ever with huge capabilities similar to other Apple products.

The iPone 3G features unlimited applications together with a user-friendly interface. The applications can be downloaded from anywhere wirelessly. The 3G connection gives you the opportunity to connect your Mac or PC to the iPhone with the help of a USB or Bluetooth. You can spend hours playing games with incredible 3D graphics on the Apple iPhone 3G handset. While most of the mobile handsets on the market today have a bit of a delay rendering web pages, the iPhone 3G does this at lightening fast speed.

Apple iPhone 3G

One of the most enjoyable features that an Apple iPhone 3G offers to the users is video shooting along with editing tools. You can edit the video according to your preference and share it with your friends through YouTube or emailing as attachment. The iPhone 3G handset also enables the user to take beautiful photographs. The autofocus and macro lens are great options for sharp close ups it captures wonderful still images even at low light.

The iPhone also has a built in digital compass with GPS. This feature is also very useful as it helps the user to spot where he or she is currently located. The voice control feature on the handset allows you to name any of your contacts whom you want to call and the device recognizes it quickly on your voice command and dials away. The voice control feature supports several languages like Chinese, Italian, German, Polish other than English.

The data transfer in the Apple iPhone 3G is faster than the previous version as it supports GPRS technology. You can go for the 8GB or 16GB storage facility with 128 MB RAM. This means that you can download your favorite sound tracks or video games easily and store them in the music library. If you want to listen to a specific song or songs that are similar to this song, then give your voice command and iTunes will automatically generate multiple mixes based on your music collection -- you won’t be disappointed with the sound quality on the iPhone 3G. Finally the large data sotre also enables you to download your favourite movies or TV shows via Wi-Fi so you can play them back on the move -- what more could you want in a mobile phone handset!

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